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Why business is key to climate action

I believe that business has a fundamental role in combating climate change but also that business needs carrots and sticks to get there.
Why are businesses in the best position? Collectively they control more money, particularly cash, than governments and this means they can actually do things. Combine this with the rapid pace that decisions can be made and enacted give a clear advantage.
Business also has a massive incentive, if they want to be around in 10 years then they better do something about it. Governments do not have such an imperative, ok the politicians come and go but the vast majority of the civil service, advisors etc. are in no danger of loosing their livelihoods.
If business has the cash, the ability and the incentive how does the ball start rolling? To some extent it already has with major companies such as M&S, Unilever, Sainsbury’s have taken a lead but there is much much more to be done, and quickly.
The recent report from the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) showing increased CO2 levels with a projection of a temperature rise way above 2 degrees gives a clear call to upping the response immediately.
Ultimately businesses respond to customer demand, so to make change happen we need the customers to start asking for it. The best bit about this is that we are the customers. All the power is in our hands.