Gut feel decisions

In reply to your article on the difficulty of aligning and improving business goals with traditional corporate goals, I think that you have reflected an over riding opinion and but not the correct one.

It is easy to say that everything must be proven with numbers in order to demonstrate a difference on the bottom line. However there are somethings that we “just know” will have a positive effect and don’t need to prove it to know it. This is human intuition and it has served us well for millions of years, why would we abandon this now?

Numbers, like statistics are a useful tool that give us all sorts of power over our businesses, lives and globe but they are not the primary tool of decision making. If they were, no one would play the lottery, no one would ….

You can look out of your window (physical or via the web!) and see the effects of climate change, deforestration, top soil errosion, etc. are having on our environment and our communities.

Once you’ve seen the effects (and don’t let the press and politicians cloud your judgment), we have to take control and be the leaders. It is happening in communities and it is happening in businesses, it is the future.

You know, as do 90% of the population, that something is wrong, you also know that you should do something about it.


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